Products we recommend

Only products with which we have had extensive experience are considered for recommendation. In order to receive our recommendation the product and the company must meet the following:

  • Established and proven history of successful implementation.
  • Demonstrated core value of service to the customer. This is much more than just a good warranty. This requires a commitment on the part of the company's personnel to the customer's success.
  • Comprehensive solution. The product must meet all reasonable requirements thereby eliminating the need to "stack" different products in order to arrive at the total solution.
  • Proven understanding of the customer's need.
  • Ethical standards that would lead them to say "our product doesn't fit" when that is the correct answer.

FIle Distribution

  • RMFT from RepliWeb. Formerly known as BHub RMFT provides a fully configurable solution for server to server file movement within an organization or between organizations. RMFT supports multiple prototcols, is fully scalable to include clustered servers and a DMZ component, and can be remotely administered. Pricing is based on scale, e.g. hosts,  and not the volume of traffic. RMFT can be extended beyond its capabilites through the incoporation of custom DLLs or scripting.  RepliWeb
  • R1 also from RepliWeb is our solution of choice for web and dedicated infrastructure file deployment.  RepliWeb

FTP Server - Multiple protocols

  • GlobalScape's Secure FTP Server supports FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH2 all on the same platform and within the same administration tool. Client accounts can be configured with a variety of security and privilege options controlled either at the account level or by group membership. Event driven scripting is supported.  Some protocols may be individually priced. Event driven scripting is supported.   GlobalScape
  • GlobalScape's EFT supports FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH2 and AS2. If you have a need for AS2 support their product would be worth your consideration.  GlobalScape

FTP Client

  • GlobalScape's CuteFTP Professional is the best client we have found for use on a Windows platform. It supports FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS.  GlobalScape

Process Modeling

  • iGrafx provides an intuitive interface to build process models. Once built they can be executed to verify and/or quantify the results. iGrafx

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